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Modern enterprises increasingly have a global footprint with complex entity and cost structures across multiple jurisdictions. Also, increased Technology spend on hybrid, multicloud architectures and the rise of intangibles has driven up the complexity of costs. Traditional tools cannot model this complexity at speed limiting insights and agility.

Our flagship product, cloudwrxs labs, is a fully hosted Cost Allocation Tool with a state-of-the-art Cost Modelling engine and a ready Cost Transparency reporting suite built to improve your organisation’s agility, support growth and reduce .

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We are a founding member of the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council and the FinOps Foundation.




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Supporting the CIOs Top 2022 challenges

According to a recent analysis, amongst the top key CIO challenges for 2022 are - to assume responsibility for new business areas, sell technology as a value generator, proceed with care on automation, and make sustainability a core business priority. 

All these challenges require a deeper, commercial understanding of Technology; and its cost and value drivers.

Technology Cost allocations is the process for determining these deeper insights. It requires weaving together all layers of an organisation - the Legal Entity structure, Cost structure, Operating Model, Technology Infrastructure and Revenue model. However, increased complexity in each of these layers has rendered traditional methods obsolete. 

For example: Modern enterprises typically operate a multitude of legal entities spread over multiple jurisdictions. The pandemic has increased spend on distributed, hybrid, multicloud architecture; with a substantial advanced, distributed technologies such as RPA, AI - further contributing to complexity. 

Our product, cloudwrxs labs, handles this complexity out-of-the-box.

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